Condo Insurance

From:  $146.00

Level of Protection:

Contents: $20,000

Glass: $500

Liability: $200,000

Electric Equipment: $2,500

Theft: $2,500

Territory Coverage: Only Mexico

Condo Insurance

If you own a Condo in Mexico it is important that you are covered for Third Party Liability. By having a Personal Condo Insurance policy in place with My Baja Insurance you will be protected against accidents that may affect others.

Condo developers in Baja California are required to keep a blanket commercial policy in place to cover the entire property. Typically, this insures the building as well as communal elements of the property such as pools, garages, interior walls, fixtures, fittings, and outbuildings associated with the development.

These commercial insurance policies tend to be very limited in what they will cover within the terms of a condo insurance policy: many Mexican insurance policies exclude Third Party Liability. For example, if a water leak in your toilet damages your neighbor’s property below, you will likely become liable for repairs and damages to your neighbor. Having a personal condo insurance program in place will protect you from this sort of event.

A basic Personal Condo Insurance should include coverage for glass, electrical equipment, theft and Third Party Liability.